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LEA Was Awesome


Wow I heard LEA was awesome this year.  Love all the FB pictures.  So now LEA is behind us and it's onto White Water Action Camp.

This year will be like no other.  

Joe Grudger from ACE Kayaking (www.acekayaking.com) has offered to run the water part of our camp.  They are a first class operation.  Joe has won numerous awards and loves to help get new ppl on the water.

They will be providing all the gear and instructors.  This is a awesome opportunity.  They usually charge $150 for a half day trip.  They are only charging us $100.00 for two days and including gear.

We have three commanders going thru with the boys and Tristan, Dirrett, and myself will be running back up (or maybe Tristan and Dirrett will be making sure I make it down safe :).

Ohhh but there's more.... We will be staying at Spring Creek Retreat (spingcreekretreat.com the ayuwasi house).

OOOOOOOOhhhhhh but there's even more..... Pac Rat and Chuck Wagon have offered (and it took us all of say half a second to accept) to cook for us.  

This is set to be one awesome weekend.  We will meet up Thursday night.  Thursday meal is not included as we will be getting there at different times.  If everyone can agree we can try to meet up at White Water Grill (awesome place and great prices).

Friday morning we will practice either at Spring Creek or head over to the lake.  Friday Afternoon we will go down the Hiwassee River for some white water fun.

Saturday Joe said we will do the Hiwasee again or if everyone is doing well he may take them down a portion of the ocoee is some inflatables.

Sunday is a little fun, graduation, and heading home.

We have a great staff and will have devotions at camp and on the water.

Now the bad news.  We only have 7 spots left and this Friday is the cut off.  We are trying to keep this to 14 for now.  Boys age 13 and up are welcome at this event.  Contact Commander Parish for any questions.

Go to alrr.org and sign up today.

See you on the water,

Terrell Nixon

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